In this article, you will get a download link to the ISO and game data. You will also get an installation tutorial below along with the essential game details. The soccer game also packs a lot of notable improvements from the previous year.

You will love the installment of the game. I will list some of the crucial details of the game that you have to take note of before you install. There is not much to worry about if you meet every requirement necessary for the installation of this football game.

Some of the game modes are explained below in detail. In the exhibition mode, you can play with any team of your choice against other teams. Set the in-game settings and tactics to match your preference as you challenge for a full game victory against your opponent.

The master league is an accessible mode where players can create a custom team, register players, manage club resources, participate in league and championship competitions, monitor team growth and success, engage in transfer negotiations with other teams, win trophies and other awards. In become a legend, players have the opportunity to create a custom player and chase a career of growth, success, and experience at the ultimate level of club and international soccer.

You can as well use existing players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Marcus Rashford, Neymar Jr, or any other superstar to experience the beauty of the game from a single man perspective. You can also sign for other teams during your career, win player and team awards, represent your country at international tournaments, and improve your game and personal stats.

Note: Become a legend custom player can be signed to master league teams and used in real games with other clubs or country teams.

However, you can enjoy this mode in PES iso as our developers have included it just for you. Play the UCL tournament with any European club of your choice and stand the opportunity to win the prestigious trophy with your favorite team. It is less competitive as the teams have lower-rated players.

You stand a relatively better chance of winning the championship. Play as your favorite international team at the World cup tournament and challenge other countries to the ultimate prize of world football.

Challenge for trophies and award in the physical Italian football league.Enjoy the latest installment of the world-famous soccer game on the Android platform as Konami has finally introduced their eFootball PES Now, you can join hundreds of thousands gamers from all over the world as you compete for the ultimate prize in this awesome soccer challenge. Create your own football team, recruit your players, make successful purchases on the transfer market, train your team, and adjust your tactics so you can become the absolute champion.

Enjoy this incredible real-time football gameplay as you dive into PES In the game, players will have the chances to join gamers from all over the world as you all compete in this ultimate football tournament. Win against them and upgrade your team with fresh recruits so you can climb the world ranking.

In addition, the game also introduces gamers to a tons of different in-game activities, which include the interesting training programs that you can give your players to boosts their stats, the enjoyable transfer activities on the market, your club managements, and so on. Moreover, as you dive into the game, you can also unlock the legendary footballers like Ronaldinho, Francesco Totti, David Beckham, and so on.

To start with, gamers in eFootball PES will find themselves enjoying the newest and most satisfying portable football gameplay on the Android platform with this game. Enjoy your favorite sport in your favorite mobile game has never been so entertaining. This interesting football game will deliver you all the interesting features that you have loved on the console version of the franchise right between the palm of your hands.

With realistic player animations and characteristic playstyles, everything will look and feel extra real with this game. And lastly, featuring the accurate physics and stunning Unreal Engine 4, gamers will find the game in a whole new level with other games on the mobile devices.

And if you wish to compete with a group of friends, the game also features the Local League where you can challenge actual Android gamer in a league tournament. On top of that, you can collect multiple players from different leagues on your team and take control of your entire team.

To make the game a lot more interesting, gamers in Pes Pro Evolution Soccer will find themselves having access to officially licensed players and teams from 12 different leagues all around the world. Find yourself encountering your favorite players and teams from unique leagues.

With new upgrades, the game has now also introduced its Russian Leagues, and other famous leagues from countries like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Thai, Chinese, and more. All your favorite players from your childhood will appear in PES And in certain cases, special players from famous clubs like Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and the likes will make their appearance on the list for the entire season.

Therefore, earning themselves awesome boosts permanently. And while the game has already been so entertaining, gamers in PES will still have the opportunities to enjoy the epic gameplay with multiple upgrades in the futures.

You can easily keep up with the changes in the transfer market just by playing the game. And despite all the exciting features, the game is still currently free to play on the Google Play Store. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. With the adjustable graphics quality, the game is suitable for all Android users regardless of their hardware capabilities.

On top of that, thanks to unreal engine 4 and realistic ball physics, every scene during your matches will look extra believable. With enjoyable sound effects and songs, Pes Pro Evolution Soccer introduces gamers to the epic audio experiences that they rarely find on any other mobile title.

On top of that, the interesting commentaries will always keep you hooked to the matches. The game is definitely a great football game for Android users. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Brawl Stars Pes will always be my favourite football game on Android and any other platform available. The new pes does look very exciting in terms of features and graphics. This new update has new kits and also UCL updates in it. You can also play pes iso on your Android device and also enjoy the ppsspp version of it. I have provided the latest download links for this game below the article, you can download and also see how to install it. Pes is an exciting football game worth playing and its features are lovely as well.

More Legends — From pessome sets of legends were added to the game and the excitement from fans were a bit loud. Real-Time, Online Matches — For local gameplays, you can join up a connection with a friend and you can both play some real-time match against each other.

There are also different players from around the world, you can face off against each other, enter time-limited competitions and many more.

Building a team filled with more international superstars is now easier than ever. There are other teams which have been added too and also different leagues. You can use the links below to download this game, the game is compressed and all folders are in one place. Make sure your Android device is 5. At your fingertip is one of the most addictive football game ever, not talking about the PES itself, but any PES game you play is always addictive, if you have any issues with installation, kindly leave a comment below.

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Soccer Star 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Search for. Close Log In. Watch Now.But Pes is here and all hype its created is worth it. PES Mod apk eFootball is a football sports game with more players and picture details, and players in both online and offline mode can have unique fun. Smooth game control, multiplayer tactics, fair play, real physical collision and stress feedback, this is the live football on the fingertips.

The PES has not been developed yet or made official for downloads on Android or other gaming devices. This is strictly a mod that has its features extracted from multiple soccer games to give you exciting gameplay.


Of course, you also get new and updated players, and kits with an amazing set of responsive control buttons to help you enjoy playing the game better. PES mod has got adequate 3D game graphics that make things look as real as it is in the real soccer world. There have always been new changes to every PES game series developed. This one has also come with better features and gameplay. This mode is one of the most used and valuable features in this game.

Now you can manage any team of your choice, buy and heal players, also train your players to be strong and agile with more amazing abilities in them. The manager mode allows you to know how you can build a strong team. The controls do not hang and they respond quickly to your touches. This will help you play the game better. This allows you to use your favorite team and players in all matches both championships and leagues.


Enjoying any mobile game has a great deal of it banking on the graphics of such game. Now you should know that the PES game series never fails on the graphic works of each version. The PES for Android has got an amazing 3D graphics interface that makes everything in it look very real just like the real world. New stadiums have also been introduced in this game for you to choose from as your home stadiums for playing championships.

It will help you easily download the game on your phone. Then you can follow the steps i gave below for the game installation. The links provided are safe and easy to use. PES Data. If you are a fan of sports games, and especially Android football, go ahead and download the PES mod apk eFootball game without a hitch, as you are going to experience the best Android football game.PES iso English version has been redesigned with the new user interface, latest transfers, new colourful score display, updated balls, HD pitches, new stadiums, kits, players and logos.

This game was actually updated from PES iso game. New features have been added, a lot of improvements has been made to the game. I have provided all direct download links for you to download and enjoy! The world is now larger than in pes and PSP is the best game to enjoy a free moment.

pes 2020 ppsspp efootball mod

I hope this guide will help you. If you have any questions, place a comment below. There is obviously a lot to realize about this. I suppose you made certain good points in pes features also. Your email address will not be published.

pes 2020 ppsspp efootball mod

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

pes 2020 ppsspp efootball mod

Skip to content. Open ZArchiver and extract pes iso download game zip file.

pes 2020 ppsspp efootball mod

Extract the game zip file into your PSP folder extracted file extension should be. When the installer will get opened, just scroll down to the bottom and tap on install.

Firstly, download all the files you need from the download section above. Click the main menu and select games tap. Move to your internal storage and locate the PSP folder.

eFootball PES 2020 PPSSPP ISO

Previous Post. Next Post. One Comment.No ROOT. Based around all the gameplay elements that made Pro Evo for Android so much fun, PES brings more fast, fluid soccer action to the mobile platform.

The graphics and animation are realistic, as are the sound effects and background jeering and cheering. With three different control systems, you should be able to find a comfortable way for you to play PES There are plenty of game modes in PES to keep you occupied for hours. Here you get to lead a team to victory in season mode, making transfers, picking the team and playing out league and cup matches.

One nice addition to PES is that you can use the team you build in Super Challenge to take on your buddies online in a Match Challenge. This version of PES includes more community features, including Facebook integration where you can share your performances and lay down challenges to opponents. Open the extracted folder and copy the PES You can now play the PES Version on your smartphone for free.

For explanation and overall features, you can watch the video above. PES iso Posting Komentar. Untuk menjalankan PSP PES yang baru, permainan eFootball di Android sekarang lebih mudah daripada sebelumnya, karena berjalan lebih cepat, tidak menggantung atau tertinggal, kualitas grafisnya sangat baik sehingga Anda dapat melihat wajah-wajah nyata dari Para pemain selama pertandingan. Telah ditambahkan. Sistem komentar jelas bagi Anda untuk mendengar apa yang dikatakan kedua komentator Jim Beglin dan John Champion selama pertandingan dalam bahasa Inggris, seperti mengucapkan nama asli para pemain, dll.

eFootball PES 2020 License All Teams Mod v6 by predator002

Tetapi pada platform emulator PPSSPP - PSP yang berjalan pada sistem operasi Android, pembaruan pemain dilakukan dengan mengunduh file "Simpan data" dan "Tekstur" terbaru, karena semua pemain ditransfer ke beberapa klub di kedua file. Grafik umum PES iso PPSSPP offline atau eFootball sangat bagus, mulai dari lapangan dengan rumput hijau seperti dalam kehidupan nyata, yang memberi Anda pengalaman bermain sepakbola terbaik, wajah para pemain tampak begitu nyata Seperti dalam kehidupan nyata, Anda bisa melihatnya dalam gambar di bawah ini.

Selain itu, Kit atau Jersey, sepatu bot, dll. Mereka telah sepenuhnya didesain ulang untuk menyamai tim dunia nyata, kit musim baru seperti kit Barcelona dan Juventus. Dari gambar, Anda dapat melihat beberapa pola desain baru yang terlihat sangat indah di kit ini. Download bahan file yang dibutuhkan pada link download diatas dengan lengkap iSO, Save Data dan Texture. Extrack satu persatu file hasil unduhan tadi, dengan menggunakan aplikasi Zarchiver ini.

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