Chill-out shortened as chill ; also typeset as chillout or chill out is a loosely defined form of popular music characterized by slow tempos and relaxed moods. Some of the genres associated with "chill" include downtempoclassicaldancejazzhip hopworldpoploungeand ambient. The term "chill-out music" — originally conflated with " ambient house " — came from an area called "The White Room" at the Heaven nightclub in London in There, DJs played ambient mixes from sources such as Brian Eno and Pink Floyd to allow dancers a place to "chill out" from the faster-paced music of the main dance floor.

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Ambient house became widely popular over the next decade before it declined due to market saturation. The popularity of chill-out subsequently expanded to dedicated satellite radio channels, outdoor festivals, and thousands of compilation albums.

As on-demand music streaming services grew in the s, a form of downtempo tagged as "lo-fi hip hop" or "chillhop" became popular among YouTube users. Though the definition of hip hop could be coined with the use of lyrical rhyming, Lofi Hip-Hop can utilize both the feature of lyrical sampling, to a more instrumental approach, but is more predominately linked with the punchy beats within hip-hops common use.

There is no exact definition of chill-out music. Some recent recordings utilize a person speaking and adding audio effects to make it seem vintage, now a connotative aspect of the modern genre. Chill-out typically has slow rhythms, samplinga " trance -like nature", "drop-out beats", and a mixture of electronic instruments with acoustic instruments.

The room's purpose was to allow dancers a chance to "chill out" from the more emphatic and fast-tempo music played on the main dance floor. This also coincided with the short-lived fad of ambient housealso known as "New Age house". Ambient house declined after the mids due to market saturation. They called their product "chill-out music", and it sparked a revived interest in ambient house from the public and record labels.

Ina genre called " chillwave " was invented by the satirical blog Hipster Runoff for music that could already be described with existing labels such as dream pop. What about iTunes making it an official genre? It's now theoretically a marketable indie sound. Streaming became the dominant source of music industry revenue in InYouTube began allowing its users to host live streamswhich resulted in a host of hour "radio stations" dedicated to microgenres such as vaporwave[16] a derivation of chillwave.

Byseveral of these channels had attracted millions of followers. One DJ, Ryan Celsius, theorized that they were inspired by a nostalgia for the commercial bumpers used by Toonami and Adult Swim in the s, and that this "created a cross section of people that enjoyed both anime and wavy hip-hop beats.

The root word " lo-fi " refers to music of an unprofessional nature, and contrary to popular conception, is not synonymous with qualities such as "warm" and "punchy".

In early February ofChillhop Records received a copyright strike from anime house Studio Shizu for the use of a character from the feature film, Wolf Children. Though Chillhop Records only used a five-second loop of one character, the popularity of the video caught the attention of Studio Shizu.

The founder of Chillhop Records and owner of the YouTube channel, Bas Van Leeuwen told the gaming magazine, Polygonthat the company worked with Studio Shizu in order to bring the livestream back on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Lo-fi hip hop. For other uses, see Chill out disambiguation. A free chill-out track produced by a Wikipedia editor. It runs at 95 BPM and is in the key of C minor. For the genre of jazz-influenced hip-hop, see Jazz rap. For the genres of hip-hop characterized by low sound quality, see Mumble rapMemphis rapCloud rapand Phonk. Retrieved 17 May Japanese hip hop also known as J-rapJ-hip hopNip-hop or J-hop [1] is said to have begun when Hiroshi Fujiwara returned to Japan and started playing hip hop records in the early s.

As a result, hip hop stands as one of the most commercially viable mainstream music genres in Japan and the line between it and pop music is frequently blurred. Although rather informal and small scale, the early days of Japanese hip hop provide the history for the emergence of the cultural movement.

Early hip hop was not led by corporate interests, but rather was largely ignored by large record companies and performance venues. In this respect, Japanese hip-hop offers a representation of cultural globalizationas it expanded despite criticism on the part of record companies and major media outlets.

The history shows that certain kinds of cultural exchange are not initiated through cultural understanding, but instead from some interaction that can incite a desire to learn, to participate, and to contribute individuality. In Japan, this motivation to represent individuality was breakdancingwhich was one of the leading edges of hip-hop at the time. The first known Japanese group to experiment with hip hop was Yellow Magic Orchestrawhich created an early electro hip hop track, "Rap Phenomena", for their album BGM.

In turn, the synthpop and electro music of Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ryuichi Sakamotoand their use of the Roland TR drum machine, had a significant influence on early key American hip hop figures such as Afrika Bambaataa [5] and Mantronix.

An important spark for Japanese hip-hop occurred in when breakdancing appeared in Tokyo through film and live performances even though American hip hop records could previously be heard in Tokyo discos. Or rather, it wasn't understanding so much as, 'Whoa, that's cool' [kakkoii]. With rap and DJing, I couldn't imagine what could be cool about it.

Break dancing represented the foundation for the spread of Japanese hip-hop and served as a medium for globalization. As in Germany, much of Japan was introduced to hip hop in the fall of with the movie Wild Style.

Shortly after, Japanese took up breakdancing in Tokyo 's Yoyogi Parkwhere street musicians gather every Sunday to perform. Crazy-A, now the leader of Rock Steady Crew Japan," was one of the pioneers of break dancing in Yoyogi back in the early ". This was all considered the Old School Era of rap in Tokyo.

There was much of what they called Soul Dancingwhich helped the Japanese culture accept the street dance culture. The rise of DJs was really the next step for the Japanese hip hop scene.

Beforethere weren't very many DJs on the radio, but with the increase in the number that year, it led to the opening of the first all hip hop club in But despite the fact that DJing caught on rather quickly, it was initially thought that rapping wasn't going to have the same cache as it would be hard to rap in Japanese. In an all hip hop club opened in Shibuya. While interest in hip-hop in Japan grew some during the s and early s, the rap scene remained fairly small and rather marginalized.

By the early s major American artist started to tour and their release saw the light in Japan. The years andmarked the beginning of hip-hop's commercial success in Japan.

Popular brands in Japan during this period also collaborated with multiple hip hop artist. Writer Ian Condry argues that the rappers on this track are closely emulating the traditional macho posturing of rap, citing influences such as Public Enemy and Rakim.

Actual Japanese rap lyrics have a tendency to refer to mundane subjects such as food, cell phones, and shopping. Sincethe hip hop scene in Japan has grown and diversified. Hip-hop style and Japanese rap has been an enormous commercial success in Japan. In a interview with the BBCTokyo record-store owner, Hideaki Tamura noted "Japanese hip-hop really exploded in the last two, three years.

I never thought there would be a time when Japanese records could outsell American ones but it's happening. Tamura points to a shift in Japanese hip hop, when artists began to focus on issues pertinent to Japanese society, versus previous styles and subjects that were copied from US hip hop culture. For Japan, the style of hip hop was much more appealing than topics popular in American hip hop, such as violence. For Condry, Japanese hip hop was born out of simultaneous localization and globalization of hip hop culture, rather than a shift between the two binary factors.

King Giddra 's "" reflects on Ground Zero and its aftermath in two eras: August and September 11 It also called for world peace. Rhymester member Utamaru talked about the motives for Japanese government support of the U.LoFi music is low fidelity music that's popular for study, sleep and relaxation. LoFi music is heavily influenced by hip hop, jazz and analog sound.

The music is generally calming and easy on the ears, with a lack of select frequencies. Lofi hip hop music downloads listed below.

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Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc Full policy. Great lofi beat to help focus, study and chill. Lofi hip hop music with a lax and groovy beat. Soft and sad feeling lofi music, great for sleep, relaxation or study. Relaxing lofi music with a chill and easy going vibe. Relaxing lofi music with a happy tone. Relaxing lofi with a soft chill beat. Chill lofi hip hop for background music use. Feel good lo-fi music with a groovy and funky rhythm. Lofi track for those lazy days with nothing to do.

Head bobbin lofi, relaxed feel. Chill Gaming. Vibes By David Renda. Feels Good By David Renda.

lofi japan

Lazy Day By David Renda.Top definition. Lo-fi music. It's name, Lo-Fi comes from the term "low-Fidelity" which in this case if reference to the sounds of vinyl crackle and sample distortion which is used in a number of ways, namely the provocation of nostalgia, and to distance the sample or melody from any other song with a similar sound. Lo-Fi is primarily composed of a beat similar to that of a hip-hop beat but with less bass and looped samples commonly used samples include piano melodies and clips of Wes Montgomery most songs are relaxing and evoke positive emotions, often time nostalgia.

Person A: Dude I'm getting tired of all this high energy electronic music, I just want something jazzy to relax with Person B: Have you tried listening to Lo-FiThere's some really nice stuff out there. Start with the Tired Boy album by Joey Pecoraro. Lo-Fi music. Lo-Fi is not a genre at firstit is a term used to describe the way a song or album was recorded. This type of music can be found on youtube live streams, that have alternative artists who embrace Lo-Fi into their music.

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Lo-Fi combines jazz, house, and hip-hop beats to create a calm and easy listening aura you can play while studying, relaxing, or sleeping too. You can usually hear raw instruments or notes in the songs, as well as small samples of dialog or settings. You should record your song as Lo-Fi, it will add an organic and calm sound to your song. Lofi unknown. Calming music, that is good for your soul. Short for low fidelity. Refers to music made with 8bit sound computer such as chipmusic or chiptunes.

Audio that is crunchy and gravely and usually demostraties a poor nyquist frequency. I love music made on the Amiga. A type of claming vibe mainlyfrom japan used to either study or play with this type of music is also mainly the in anime intros. Dirty Bre Ayle Dirty Mikayla RA Unit Dirty Rebecca Dirty Jalen Dirty kaden The Meghan Dirty celeste.Lo-fi is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, sometimes as a deliberate aesthetic choice.

The standards of sound quality fidelity and music production have evolved throughout the decades, meaning that some older examples of lo-fi may not have been originally recognized as such. Lo-fi began to be recognized as a style of popular music in the s, when it became alternately referred to as DIY music. Harmonic distortion and " analog warmth " are sometimes misleadingly suggested as core features of lo-fi music.

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Although "lo-fi" has been in the cultural lexicon for approximately as long as " high fidelity ", WFMU DJ William Berger is usually credited with popularizing the term in The notion of "bedroom" musicians expanded following the rise of modern digital audio workstationsand in the late s, lo-fi aesthetics served as the basis of the chillwave and hypnagogic pop music genres.

Lo-fi is the opposite of hi-fi. In the edition of the Oxford English Dictionarylo-fi was added under the definition of "sound production less good in quality than 'hi-fi'". Murray Schaferin the glossary for his book The Tuning of the Worlddefined the term as "unfavourable signal-to-noise ratio.

There was virtually no appreciation for the imperfections of lo-fi music among critics until the s, during which there was an emergent romanticism for home-recording and " do-it-yourself " DIY qualities. A third was added in "unpolished, amateurish, or technologically unsophisticated, esp. Whoever popularized the use of "lo-fi" cannot be determined definitively.

Technical primitivism coupled with brilliance. The notion of "bedroom musicians" expanded after the rise of laptop computers in many forms of popular or avant-garde music[13] and over the years, there was an increasing tendency to group all home-recorded music under the umbrella of "lo-fi".

Lo-fi aesthetics are based on idiosyncrasies that arise during the recording process. More specifically, those that are generally viewed in the field of audio engineering as undesirable effects, such as a degraded audio signal or fluctuations in tape speed.

He defines the former as "elements of a recording that are perceived or imagined to be perceived as detrimental to it and that originate in the specific operation of the recording medium itself. Today, they are usually the first characteristics people think about when the subject of 'lo-fi' is brought up. Recording imperfections may "fall loosely into two categories, distortion and noise", in Harper's view, although he acknowledges that definitions of "distortion" and "noise" vary and sometimes overlap.

However, this effect is not usually considered to be an imperfection. The same process is used for the electric guitar sounds of rock and rolland since the advent of digital recordingto give a recording a feeling of "analogue warmth".

Effects include a decrease in high-frequency signals and an increase in noise. The difference lies in the ways in which distortion and noise are understood to be imperfections in lo-fi. Hypothetically, at least, lo-fi effects are created during recording and production itself, and perceptibly remain in master recordings that are then identically copied for release.

Bruce Bartlett, in his guide Practical Recording Techniquesstates that "lo-fi sounds might have a narrow frequency response a thin, cheap soundand might include noise such as hiss or record scratches. They could be distorted or wobbly in pitch. DIY music predates written historybut "lo-fi" as it was understood after the s can be traced to s rock and roll. The album included many of his best-known songs, as well as a spoken-word track "Intro" in which he teaches the listener about recording flaws for an egg hunt -type game he calls "Sounds of the Studio".

He used the money gained from the album's success to build a personal recording studio in New York, where he recorded the less successful follow-up A Wizard, a True Star. With the emergence of punk rock and new wave in the late s, some sectors of popular music began to espouse a DIY ethos that heralded a wave of independent labelsdistribution networks, fanzines and recording studios, [40] and many guitar bands were formed on the then-novel premise that one could record and release their own music instead of having to procure a record contract from a major label.

SinceR. Stevie Moore had been recording full-length albums on reel-to-reel tape in his parents' basement in Tennesseebut it was not until 's Phonography that any of his recordings were issued on a record label. However, he was the first to explicitly aestheticize the home recording process itself. I definitely had no 'plan' to rush and become known as the very first modern DIY pioneer.

InTascam introduced the Portastudiothe first portable multi-track recorder of its kind to incorporate an "all-in-one" approach to overdubbingmixing, and bouncing. This technology allowed a broad range of musicians from underground circles to build fan bases through the dissemination of their cassette tapes. Stevie Moore and the underground Texas musician Jandek. Throughout the s, the indie rock spheres of the American underground bands such as college radio favorite R.

According to AllMusic, the stylistic variety of their tapes often "fluctuated from simple pop and rock songs to free-form song structures to pure noise and arty experimentalism. They were rarely known as a "lo-fi" group during their active years, and were only noted for their pioneering role in the movement after the term's definition evolved in the mid s.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time.

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