I'm writing a little program with a GUI. It's the first time that im using a JTable and so far everything worked as I wanted it to. But there's one problem I can't seem to solve: Whenever the JTable is focused, no keyboard shortcuts for my menu, i.

The reason is propably that JTable has a very good keyboard support with many built-in functions which is pretty cool and therefore doesn't process the keyboard input.

But I still want to be able to use my own keyboard shortcuts for my menus etc. Mnemonics work fine, but accelerators don't work at all. How can I tell my JTable that it should ignore every keyboard input if the control, alt or a combination of alt, control and shift is pressed?

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So far im only able to process my keyboard input if ONLY the control key is pressed by manually shifting the keyboard focus from the table to the menubar and shifting it back onto the table after the control key is released. That doesn't work if im pressing shift before control, though. I also have to use: KeyStroke.

That's the only way that it will work. If I try to add another modifier i. The same goes for shift. It only works if I specifiy shift as the modifier and the KeyEvent. I haven't tried alt yet, but it will propably be the same. It's a start that I got the control key to work, because if the user first presses the control key and THEN all other shortcut key it works without a problem for example control, then shift and 'a' for adding a row to the table.

But if he presses shift first If control is released before the user releases all other keys the InputMap of my menubar [that I configured by using a boolean variable to process the focus back onto the table after control is released if the focus came from the table] will not recognize the input. So the user always has to press control as the first button and release it last. And thats not really good. But thats a lot of work and it would be really annoying to implement all actions and shortcuts twice for the menu AND the table.

I would really appreciate it if anyone of you could help me. I'm stuck with this problem for almost a week now and I really can't find any way to solve it effectivly. Many thanks in advance for your help! John Matthews. If anyone has had any thoughts on this in the last 10 years, I'm facing the same problem. Rob Camick. I believe this basic logic is contained in the processKeyBinding As I understand it the table searches for a binding for the JTable and if one is not found it assumes the KeyStroke should be forward to the editor of the cell.

You can prevent this behaviour by using: table. If it does work then it means you would need to manually start editing on a cell by using F2 or double clicking the cell before you can enter data.

If this doesn't work, then maybe you can provide a custom implementation of processKeyBinding Thanks Rob. I tried the putClientProperty approach, but that doesn't seem to work. But pressing the accelerator keys just changes the selected cell in the table, instead of generating the console output you get if you select the menu items 'manually'.

LookAndFeelInfo info : javax.

java swing hotkeys

As I understand it the are two situations: 1.I would like to create an application wide keyboard shortcut for a Java Swing application. Looping over all components and adding the shortcut on each has focus related side effects and looks How do i setup application wide key listeners keyboard shortcutsso that when a key combination e. Can any one please suggest? Keyboard bindings Wondering how to link a keyboard key to a JButton in netbeans, Downloaded KeyEventDemo program from oracle that lets you press a key and it tells you the keycode, Now im How do I leverage standard operating system keyboard shortcuts in a Java Swing application?

I see how to add a javax. JToolbar or a menu bar to my application, but it I want to add a sort of cheat code to a program I am writing. I was wondering how I could do this. For example when I am anywhere I have an application with a tabbed pane and different components in it.

My actions have been created programatically in. I have a code but it doesn't respont when a shortcut key assigned to it is pressed. What are the hidden Shortcuts in Swing Components?

Is there a Swing element which has F6 as a default accelerator? RCP shortcut keys!

Top 30 Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts for Java Programmers

Pls HELP!Comment 3. This tutorial is about 30 Eclipse keyboard shortcutsthis list is by no means complete and I will suggest you guys share eclipse shortcuts listed other than here to make this more useful. Eclipse is the most used Java development IDE and knowing Eclipse shortcuts not only improve your productivity but also makes you more efficient.

You will have more time for things you like to do. Using keyboard shortcuts also helps to impress colleagues and shows that you have a good hold on tools you used for Java Development.

I was a big fan of Netbeans IDE before coming across Eclipse because I was from the J2ME background and Netbeans provide sophisticated IDE environment to enable you to build, debug and run your Java application in various mobile emulator including some advanced processing options e. Knowing your tool better certainly helps you to deliver more in less time and find something really quick when a production issue arise.

Later I found that Eclipse was most suited for that distributed core Java application which runs on Eclipse and depends upon a proprietary Linux library. It wasn't possible to run the whole application in Windows and that time some of the cool features of eclipse e.

Here I am sharing a list of 30 Eclipse keyboard shortcut s which I found most useful and used in my day to day life while writing code, reading the code or debugging Java application in Eclipse. This keyboard shortcut in Eclipse is my most used and favorite shortcut. While working with a high-speed trading system has a complex code, I often need to find classes with the just blink of the eye. This eclipse keyboard shortcut is made just for that.

No matter whether you have class in your application or inside any JAR, this shortcut will find it. This is similar to above Eclipse shortcut with the only difference being that it can find out not only Java files but any files including XML, configs, and many others.

This is another beautiful Eclipse shortcut that can fix up an error in Eclipse. This is another Eclipse keyboard shortcut for fixing missing imports. This is particularly helpful if you copy some code from another file and import all dependencies.

In this section, we will see some Eclipse keyboard shortcuts that help us to quickly navigate within the file and between the file while reading and writing code in Eclipse.

Apart from these keyboard shortcuts, learning how to debug Java programs in Eclipse is also a skill. There are so many debugging tools and features available in Eclipse, which many Java programmer don't know about, e. If you really want to become a good Java developer, I suggest you improve your debugging skills.

These are different Eclipse keyboard shortcuts that don't fit on any category, but they can be quite helpful while working in Eclipse. Place the cursor at the opening brace and use this. And, here is the nice image to remember these useful Eclipse shortcuts for Java programmers :. If you have some more useful Eclipse keyboard shortcuts then please post as comments, I will include them in this list.

java swing hotkeys

These Eclipse shortcuts will mostly work almost all Eclipse versions, e. Let me know if you face any issues while using these Eclipse shortcuts in any particular version of Eclipse IDE. If you like this tutorial and wants to learn more productivity tips, tricks and new features of Eclipse IDE, then you can also see following guides and tutorials: How to attach source code of a JAR file in Eclipse?

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How to Create hot keys for form which is made by java swing? See also setMnemonic char for buttons and setAccelerator KeyStroke for menu items. Or more generally, constructing those controls using an Action that has the values configured. Learn more. Hotkeys creation for java swing form Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 8 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Active Oldest Votes. Andrew Thompson Andrew Thompson k 33 33 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

The Key Bindings will be done automatically for you. My learn item for the day. I don't know how I could have missed that method for associating a label with an input control.

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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This is a java library that provides single interface to register Global Hotkeys for several platforms:.

JKeyMaster uses slf4j as the logging framework. To get output from the library you should include a slf4j binding to your classpath. It will open a simple window. At the top is a field that listens to key presses. Choose your hotkey and press Grab button.

Check log output to see if it failed.

Java Tutorial 54 (JavaFX / GUI) - Handling Keyboard Inputs

If the log is clean, you should be able to press the hotkey anywhere and it should popup a message. If you get UnsatisfiedLinkError on linux, it is probable that you have an older jna version installed, see 19 you will need to either remove libjna-java from your system, or add -Djna.

Usefull when your hotkey listener will directly access or modify some swing components. For simplicity reasons, it is currently impossible to unregister some particular hotkey, but all hotkeys can be reset. On some systems DBus does not allow registering hotkeys for media keys. To fix this, you can use GnomeMediaProvider class. Just create new instance and register media hotkeys with it.

It implements same api as other providers. I would really appreciate it if you could test the library and post some bug reports. I've tested Mac OSX code only in bit virtual machine, and a bit on a real bit machine.

So feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from people who have real Mac with real Apple keyboard, BSD users, people with some advanced keyboards, and just anybody who wants to help.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. A library for registering global hotkeys in java with JNA. Java The javax. Let's see a simple swing example where we are creating one button and adding it on the JFrame object inside the main method.

We can also write all the codes of creating JFrame, JButton and method call inside the java constructor. The setBounds int xaxis, int yaxis, int width, int height is used in the above example that sets the position of the button. We can also inherit the JFrame class, so there is no need to create the instance of JFrame class explicitly. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on hr javatpoint.

java swing hotkeys

Please mail your requirement at hr javatpoint. Duration: 1 week to 2 week. How to create runnable jar file in java? How to display image on a button in swing? How to change the component color by choosing a color from ColorChooser?

How to display the digital watch in swing tutorial? How to create a notepad in swing? How to create puzzle game and pic puzzle game in swing? How to create tic tac toe game in swing? Spring Boot. Selenium Py. Verbal A.

java swing hotkeys

Angular 7. Compiler D. Software E. Web Tech. Cyber Sec. Control S. Data Mining. Javatpoint Services JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Difference between AWT and Swing There are many differences between java awt and swing that are given below. Swing provides more powerful components such as tables, lists, scrollpanes, colorchooser, tabbedpane etc. AWT doesn't follows MVC Model View Controller where model represents data, view represents presentation and controller acts as an interface between model and view.Click image for fullscreen preview.

Create professional-looking Swing GUIs with automatic spacing and alignment. The GUI builder automatically takes care of the correct spacing and alignment. The extensible Component Palette comes with pre-installed Swing and AWT components and includes a visual menu designer.

Drag components from the palette and drop them onto the canvas. Debug a Swing GUI application without looking into the source code and control the execution flow in terms of high-level structures. The NetBeans Platform is a generic framework for Java desktop applications. It provides the "plumbing" that every developer normally needs to write themselves — saving state, connecting actions to menu items, toolbar items and keyboard shortcuts, window management, and so on. The NetBeans Platform provides all of these out of the box.

You don't need to manually code these or other basic application features yourself. The NetBeans Platform does not add a lot of overhead to your application — but it can save a huge amount of time and work. NetBeans Platform Learning Trail. New in NetBeans 8. About Us.

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